I have been seeing Dr. Cory for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the results and how my body feels. He is full of knowledge and knows exactly what I have off in my body and what technique to use to make it better. As an athlete it’s extremely important to invest in the well being of your body when you’re training hard, and I’m so grateful to have someone as professional and qualified as Dr. Cory to go to.

— Rebecca De La garma


I’ve been seeing Dr. Baker for just about a year now and I’ve seen the most improvements/changes with him than any other chiropractor. He’s friendly, intelligent, loves explaining what he does and takes his time to give me the treatment that I need. I’ll go into our session feeling good, and always leave feeling amazing!

— caitlin birdsell


As a heavy equipment mechanic of 14 years I’ve had enough falls, surgery’s and injuries to go around. My body was in constant pain and stiffness as a result. Dr. Baker has helped alleviate the majority of my issues, I’m able to stand up straight, walk comfortably and put my all back into the gym. But the most important thing he’s been able to help me with is to no longer have a need for pain medication I’ve had for years. Dr. Baker is more than just your average chiropractor, he truly cares and your issues become his. From a stiff neck to chronic pain he’s there to help. Go see Dr. Baker!

— tyson riggs


Dr. Cory is amazing! With me being extremely active, I put my body through the ringer. Dr. Cory doesn’t only aide in my aches and pains ,but he figures out the source of them. He is a wealth of knowledge, and his passion for his patients shows. I have sent every family member and multiple clients to him as well, they wold all agree with me that he is easily the top chiropractor in the valley!

— Rachael reid


I’ve been working with Dr. Cory for the last year for regular weekly adjustments and for help with injuries. He has helped me tremendously with my two recent injuries. most recentLY, was MY torn PCL where he helped me fully recover in under 10 weeks and if it wasn’t for his good eye I never would have got the MRI. He is very knowledgeable in the chiropractic field and definitely one of the best in the valley. he truly cares about all this clients!

Being a fitness professional myself, I refer all my clients to Dr. Cory!

—Corey Upton IFBB Pro